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Superreel offers Multi-line hose reels. Ideal for kinds of Cranes and forklifts. Superreel's hose Reel offers the thinnest mounting profile available. 

Multi-line hose reels-Boom reels help you achieve up-and-down or back-and-forth linear motion more easier and faster. These automatic spring retractable single hose reels are available in severe duty, narrow double post and high-capacity design, made for your special application in the field of hydraulic use.

Long-Life design,bearings are sealed to prevent contamination and minimize maintenance. These reels with factory-lubricated one-piece power spring makes installation safer and maintenance easier.

Our Capabilities

● Meet any extreme size and weight constraints

● Special paint options

● Pressure ranges from 50 to10000 PSI and more.

● Various drive types

● No minimum quantities

Automation | Crane and Forklift multi-line hose reels

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