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Side mount hose reel

This side-mount style hose reel mounts easily to the wall and provides a simple solution to hose storage.

Side mount design for vertical flat surface, cabinet or enclosed space mounts. .Enclosed factory tuned and matched cartridge style spring motor. Professional grade heavy duty steel construction.

Incorporates a heavy-duty base design, all steel construction and a baked-on powder coat finish to produce a rugged, corrosion-resistant product. One-piece guide roller design and stainless steel pins offer greater strength and easier serviceability

High quality, die cast aluminum hub and two sealed ball bearings produce a smoother spool rotation and easier operation

Redesigned latching mechanism provides longer service life of the latch components.

Guide arm adjust to wall,floor,vehicle, overhead positions. Narrow design allows for maximum use of available space.



● Ultra-high pressure and high current, the highest pressure of gas and liquid up to 80-100MPA. Taking advantage of the National New Energy Policy, the maximum current of the DC charging reel can reach to 500A.

● Super-long. Spring-driven reels can handle hoses or cables up to 50 meters. Motor-driven reels' capacity up to 3000 meters.
● Engineering reciprocation. One of the few domestic manufacturers that can produce reciprocating hose reels and multi-line hydraulic reels. 

● Smart reels with intelligent functions. Limit, feedback, measurement, remote control, APP control, adaptive control and other functions are used in our reels.

● Hose and cable combined reels. One reel can manage/ transmit media including acousto-optic signals, various gas-liquid media, etc, at the same time.



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