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Torch hose reel

●Various drive types –Manual crank, motorized, spring drive, hand-over-hand and more. 
●Wide range of pressures– from 50 to 10000 PSI and beyond. 
●Our materials – Steel, Stainless steel,Aluminium...
●Custom built reels
●No minimum quantities



●We have multiple sizes and specifications for our torch hose reel, so you can sure youll find the perfect fit for the purposes you need at your job.


●We have a variety of torch hose reels to handle varying lengths of oxyacetylene twin line welding hose. Choose from a variety of retraction methods, such as spring driven, hand crank, or motorized. Easily mount them on anything from stationary areas in your shop or mobile units such as trailers or carts. 


●​​​​​​​Keeping your workshop neat and tidy by installing a welding hose reel will enhance the safety of your work environment by reducing tripping hazards; all while preserving the lifespan of your hose. 


●​​​​​​​Efficiently deploy your torch where and when need it; with the convenience, reliability, and versatility our hose reels deliver on.